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Too overwhelmed to start simplifying your home? Here is what to do!

©whole with less
©whole with less

BONUS: To help you on simplifying your home I'm creating a room by room plan checklist that will save you plenty of time !

If you want it message me here!

1-Have a clear mindset!

How “woo woo” it might sound, let me tell you it works!

First, give yourself a real reason, as it will help you to act.

WHY are you going to simplify your home?

Here are a couple of examples:

Want to feel lighter? Need a relaxing home? Need space as you partner is moving in? Want to get ready faster in the morning? Need a desk that inspires you to work?

Second, describe in three words the result you want to achieve.

Do you want a calm, functional and organised bedroom? Do you want a cosy, eclectic and easy to maintain kitchen?

If you need help, get some inspiration on my IG or FB and other amazing home organisation accounts !


2- Make a plan!

Without a plan it is harder to set yourself up for success.

Start with a timeline.

When will you start to simplify your home? When do you need to be finished?

Think about a good reason that includes a deadline.

You might be moving out soon, you might want to celebrate your birthday in an uncluttered living room, you might want to have your home ready before baby comes.

Start where it makes sense.

Where will you start in your home?

Based on priority, you might want to start with a room that really needs to be uncluttered no matter how much work will be needed.

Otherwise if you are in doubt, start with easier zones such as bathroom or a simple drawer. I like to mention bathrooms as they usually have products that are easy to get rid of (hello perampted make up and creams!)

Leave me a message if you want my room by room plan checklist to save plenty of time !


3- Get help!

Yes, you can hire a home organiser to get fast and sustainable results (plus it is tax deductable!)

That being said, you can also ask a friend to be there with you (it also works through videocalls!).

Choose that person wisely though, as you want the decluttering session to be relatively efficient. As an exemple, choose someone, who is wiling to tell the truth about clothes that look good or not on you. It will help you make fast decision in your closet!

Otherwise, make yourself accountable by telling someone you will be done with simplifying one room by the end of the week. Ask that person to ask you on due date if you have accomplished your goal.

Believe me accountability can make such a difference !

©whole with less
©whole with less

4- Reward yourself!

My favourite part...

What will be your reward once you have achieved your goal?

I would suggest you to get yourself an experience instead of a physical item… Think about a massage, some food delivered to your door, a bubble bath with candles… Enjoy!

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