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My Two Best Hacks for a Small Pantry Creation

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Don't have any space for a pantry in your kitchen? Let me share with you my best secret so you can finally create one!


I have found out that I can build a pantry behind my door when using a very specific shelf that is not attended to hold food jars but books and picture frames instead.

I initially had intended to use them to store my kid's books in his bedroom but then wondered if they could help me create a pantry behind a door...

The answer was YES, so here they are, the secret shelves that saved the organisation of my kitchen.

I love the fact that the shelves hold the jars in a way that prevent them from falling.

Their look is minimalist and you can easily add them on top of each other to customise you dream pantry.

They are so slim that they fit between a wall and a door!

This is a good reminder to always look in your kitchen for unused / lost space.


You then just need to buy those specific glass jars as they specifically fit on the shelves.

Where most of other size jars were too big, I found those ones to be the perfect match.

On top of that, I love their modern look...

Note that small glass jars (the ones you like to reuse from your grocery haul) also work perfectly on the shelves.

Any kind of bottles will also love to hang out there !

Et voilà ! To keep getting more home organisation tips and inspo you can find me here from next week on !

Laurine Caussanel

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