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My Top 4 Favorite Products that Work in Every Home!

Let me answer this very commun question!

What are my top favorite products I now my clients will never regret buying?

Every home is different but there are some products that will never fail the test!

I promise!

Without further due, here is my selection:


Think seagrass, bamboo and wood. Whenever I can, I would rather use natural material that are potentially easier to recycle than plastic.

What I love with those baskets? They can hide the "ugly" when needed (think chargers or bad looking packaging) .

Kid's bedroom: use to regroup toys so your kids can easily access them

Bathroom: you can regroup your not-so-glamorous gadgets in there (hair dryer, iron, toothbrush charger, razor charger, etc.)


My all time favorite! They are so practical and versatile! You can use them for every products that have a round base shape.

Kitchen: use them in your fridge! it will save you from forgetting this little jar of dried tomatoes that have been hiding in the back for too long

Bathroom: regroup your beauty products.

Laundry room: excellent to regroup all cleaning supplies


Who can resist the beauty and functionality of glass jars?

Not only will they enhance you kitchen or pantry but they will also give you a direct hint if you are going low on your stock.

Kitchen: well, no need to explain. It speaks by itself!

Bathroom: so beautiful to use with epsom slat, cotton balls, etc.

Laundry room: you can use them to store laundry pods/ powder and drying sheets


So functional as they are perfectly see through!

I use them when I have need for visibility and lightness. Yes, plastic is light to move around!

Fridge: best saving trick when you have a family that does not put things back in place. Add a label on them and nobody will pretend they don't know where to store dairy in the fridge anymore...

kids room: store different toys categories in one place (lego, train set, puzzles, cars, dolls etc.)

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