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4 Steps to Maximise Your Closet Organisation (Without Compromising on Style)

© Whole with Less

1. Simplify!

I can not stress enough the importance of editing your closet at least twice a year. Whatever works for you the best but I always simplify mine on October when Summer is over

and March when Spring is coming.

Make three piles: Keep, Donate/Sell and Undecided. Then, act upon!

TIPS: If you don’t know what to do exactly with those three piles, stay tuned, I will share more on my method soon!

2. Store off seasonal items elsewhere or in a smart way

What a better feeling than having just items that are in season at the tip of your fingers every day?

In order to feel that way, store off seasonal items in a different space (i.e under your bed or on top of another closet in your home).

If you don’t have another space available, then find a way to smartly store them in your closet anyway.

All you need is some storage solution that will save you space and keep those items out of sight.

TIPS: Always label your off seasonal item boxes for practicability

© Whole with Less

3. Use visual harmony and color coding

With small closet you don't have to compromise on style when you organise it the right way.

Take a look at how high end clothing stores display their items.

All hangers have the same color, clothes are color coded, there is space between each article and lighting is right.

I encourage you to apply all the above rules to your small closet to make your items look even more desirable.

You wont believe how much more joy you will have when getting ready in the morning!

TIPS: Black hangers will add a luxurious touch to your clothes. White and wooden hangers will give a more modern look.

Lightning situation can be fixed with adding those kind of light in your closet.

© Thom

© Whole with Less

4. Maximise vertical space

To maximise small closet space, always use shelf above your single rod to make sure every centimetre is being optimised.

If you don’t have a shelf, add one to provide some extra storage. Display some baskets up there if you want to create some visual harmony.

Same goes with maximising space below your rod. Don’t hesitate to add another rod to store pants and skirts.

You can also add some extra drawers or some big baskets to store items such as shoes, workout clothes, or underwear.

TIPS: Always use look alike baskets to create consistent harmony and use labels to make it more practical

© Whole with Less

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