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My coaching story



I'm a certified Career Coach from Animas London (ICF accredited).


It's easy to say that I like change and adventure ! French born, I finished my studies and lived in the US for a couple of years. NYC was so magical that I decided to work in communication for a large  French fashion company. I then moved to San Francisco to start co-founding a Tech company. Today, you can find me in Berlin where I was previously in charge of a consultants team development in the Tech industry.


It's a multitude of different events that led me towards becoming a professional coach. I have always been a true believer in personal development and deep active listening. I then discovered the power of coaching on myself before even considering becoming a coach. Fast forward, I am now a certified coach !


I'm a mom ! Me and my German partner are raising our son. At home we speak French, German and English.


The last 10 years I have been simplifying my life, one bite at a time. Some might call me a minimalist or a essentialist. Who cares about the label, right? This way of living has nothing to do with austerity or deprivation. It is actually a lifestyle that has made my life happier and richer. I thrive for living with what is really essential to me. This principle can be applied to my belongings, my relationships, or my life projects. I have learn through that process to know myself better, understand my emotions and organise myself in a more simple way. My life is far from being perfect but I live an intentional one. A life that is in accordance with my values and principles.

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